UG Engineering In the beautiful hills of Northern Idaho
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1677 E Russell Rd
- Creating useful electronic devices for you
We design and build the kind of cool and useful electronic devices you need for your business, or to integrate into your product. We also make your ideas reality. Our site will soon be available for your scrutiny, so check back soon. If you are excited about a new product idea, and just cant hold yourself back, call Gary @ 208-591-3678 and we can discuss your needs.

What can we do?  Anything that moves, measures, monitors, communicates, controls low power, controls high power,  uses high voltage, uses low voltage, makes noises, runs on batteries or line power, talks using wireless links........ well you get the idea. We can turn your idea into a real working device, or come up with a few ideas for you.

We can advise you about feasibility and costs to make your prototype or product too.

I look forward to talking with you.

Jane Doe